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Max Cohen - vocalist

is a Los Angeles-based performer born in Morocco and raised in Israel.  He grew up steeped in French music, particularly the songs of Enrico Macias.  Today Max’s rich velvety tone delivers beautifully nuanced renditions of his favorites, complete with a signature North African lilt.  He performs around town in multiple languages regularly.

Julia Kantor - producer/vocalist

is originally from Ukraine, but her heart resides in France (the commute is a killer).  Having lived and studied in Rennes, she discovered in French music a soul connection that she brings to every performance.  She is truly passionate about these songs!

Together with her husband, Jacob, a Russian-born singer/songwriter, she has appeared at clubs and festivals all over Los Angeles.  They began singing on their first date and have continued ever since, in French as well as English and Russian.


Jean-Louis Darville - vocalist

began his career as an actor in Paris, then moved to Los Angeles. He has participated in more than twenty theater productions ranging from classical to contemporary pieces.  Besides his own theatre company, Euro-Theatre, he has played with many prestigious companies including the Actors Gang and Cirque du Soleil.

Jean-Louis has always loved to sing, so he’s happily joined Paris Chansons.  He's excited to be able to perform songs from amazing artists like Brel, Ray Ventura, Fernandel, and Daniel Guichard.  He approaches the song as an actor and then lets the music take over.  Jean-Louis loves the mix of these two worlds!


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